August 2019
24 August 2019

 Another MPI vessel clean completed!  We are required by MPI to complete these 12 Nautical miles from the NZ shoreline (outside of NZ territorial waters) to insure we are not allowing international biohazards into our beautiful New Zealand waters.

We had two teams working on the cleaning of this vessel and managed to get MPI clearance for our clients.  Working this far out at sea means that our teams are often faced with adverse weather and sea conditions. Divers use magnets to give them a secure point to hold on to the vessel well they are cleaning it and talking into the voice communications built into the Kirby Morgan Diving Helmet.  This communication allows them to explain to those above the water line what is happending and to take instructions from the diving supervisor.  The team 'topside' can watch the video inspection as it is being completed to ensure we are getting great photos of the various niche areas.

They had a great vessel to work off (Tranquil Image - Western Workboats) which made all of the difference to the end result and our clients were allowed back into New Zealand waters to deliver their cargo.

Happy client, happy dive team, happy skipper!