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Bay Underwater Services NZ Ltd is New Zealand's largest personally owned commercial diving and marine construction company with a range of equipment that exceeds our client's expectations.

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Our Latest News

Diving down South

Our local assistant called in today to give the divers a helping hand! He likes to help with the projects and often tries to take their tools while they are working.Read more

April 2023

Our team are undertaking a jetty inspection in the beautiful town of Wanaka!  They have to complete a photographic inspection of the condition of the various piles on the structure.  The client hasRead more

November 2022

Supporting our local Coastguard organisation once again this year.  We have been sponsoring this great cause for 10 plus years now.  They perform a great service to the marine industry and it is goRead more

September 2022

Our team is working on replacing the current fender system with a new engineer designed system for the Chatham Island wharf.  We have been working closely with the engineers requests and the PortRead more

July 2022

Read more

May 2022

Pile Inspections are another aspect of our companies work.  This time our South Island team were lucky enough to be completing these in some particularly beautiful spots in the South Island. Read more

March 2022

Getting a diver safely into the water can sometimes cause issues.  With the use of our certified man cage we are able to safely lower a diver (or two) into the water.  Lowering a man cage meansRead more

January 2022

This month we are kicking back into gear and starting off 2022 with a bang!  Some of our teams worked through the festive season break (shipping never sleeps) and now we are all fully back onRead more

December 2021

This month our team have been busy undertaking lots of offshore cleans on vessels.  MPI have set criteria for allowing vessels to enter into New Zealand waters.  Vessels have to meet bio foulingRead more

October 2021

Diving at the various hydro dams throughout the Waikato area allows our divers to experience various types of 'civil' diving and various diving depths.  A lot of the hydro dam diving jobs involveRead more

September 2021

Contamination diving is a specialised diving skill that requires the diver to wear a full contamination suit so that they do not get any of the contaminated product on them.  This can also be 'darkRead more

June 2021

One of the jobs we are working on this month involves our team taking core samples of some piling so that the core samples can be sent away for testing.  This job is being completed in the SouthRead more

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