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We have teams of highly specialised divers to meet the needs of your projects

With highly trained staff and an extensive range of specialized high quality equipment, we can deliver successful outcomes on both large and small marine construction projects.

We offer companies a competitive and diverse range of commercial diving and underwater services. We have 54 commercial divers in our dive teams that are qualified as Fitters, Fitter Welders, Engineers, Diesel and Petrol mechanics etc. The engineering and mechanical background and expertise of these personal have been extremely beneficial to our clients in many of our past marine construction projects.

Surveys / Inspections

Bay Underwater Services NZ Ltd regularly completes surveys on international ships passing through various port around NZ and the Pacific Islands. Our company also completes MPI vessel clearances for entry into New Zealand waters and DOC clearances for the Sub-Antarctic Islands.

Some of the services that we can supply are:

  • Class surveys – Class NK, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, ABS, DNV GL
  • Vessel inspections for Class Surveys and entry into NZ waters
  • MPI Hull inspections and cleaning for bio security clearance in NZ waters
  • Ship hull  inspections and surveys
  • Live closed circuit TV video inspections and surveys
  • Underwater digital photographic surveys and inspections
  • Hydro dam inspections / maintenance
  • Sewerage treatment plant inspections / maintenance
  • Clean water supply tank inspections / maintenance

Bay Underwater Services NZ Ltd has completed various repairs on ships including:

  • Anode installation
  • Non destructive testing
  • Bathycorometer Cathodic Protection (CP) readings
  • Magnetic Partical inspection (welds)
  • Oil leakage detection (Dual MPI unit)
  • Damaged propeller cutting, trimming, and balancing
  • Propeller change-outs in water
  • Damaged hull plate removal and replacement
  • Underwater welding with certified divers to class standard
  • Seachest grill removal, replacements and cleaning

Marine Construction

Bay Underwater Services NZ Ltd has completed an extensive range of marine construction and commercial diving projects over the last 26 years. See a list of some of our services below:

  • Vessel inspections for Class Surveys
  • MPI Hull cleaning for bionsecurity clearance
  • Deep diving using a decompression chamber and oxygen
  • Surface supply with voice communication
  • Wharf repairs and maintenance
  • Wharf extensions and refurbishment
  • Underwater construction
  • Piling – all forms – sheet piling/casings/split casings etc
  • Concrete – grout, epoxy, and placement
  • Pipeline and cable laying
  • Outfall construction and repairs
  • Underwater cutting
  • Underwater welding
  • Underwater explosives
  • Pile and Pylon repair systems (engineer designed and load ratings) 

Marine Demolition

Bay Underwater Services NZ Ltd has several staff authorised and trained in the use of explosives for Marine Demolition projects.  We have also been involved in the refurbishment of several large structures around New Zealand.

Some of the specialised services that we can supply are:

  • Blasting channels
  • Underwater cutting
  • Underwater welding
  • Underwater explosives
  • Sinking vessels for underwater reefs

Sub Sea Salvage

Bay Underwater Services NZ Ltd has been involved in several search and recovery operations including vessels and aircraft.  We have also been involved in the unfortunate case of personal searches for lost bodies.

Some of the items we have searched for include:

  • Un-manned vessel location and recovery
  • Aircraft recoveries in the ocean
  • Vessel recovery and oil recovery
  • Body searches
  • Chopper salvage
  • Sinking vessels for artificial reefs

Vessel and Barge Hire

Bay Underwater Services NZ Ltd has various sizes of vessels available for hire including but not limited to:

  • Dive works – 7m front opening landing vessel / platform
  • Te Awaroa - 16.9m aluminium boat with large deck area
  • Reel Time - 7m profile boat for working in smaller areas
  • Piling frame for pile driving

We also have access to various other vessels depending on your requirements


Bay Underwater Services NZ Ltd operates a dredging component in addition to diving, and have been involved in such projects as:

  • Dredging waterways 
  • Construction of marinas
  • Dredging various marinas around New Zealand
  • Dredging at various Port companies throughout New Zealand

Bay Underwater Services NZ Ltd has the following equipment to use in dredging projects:

  • Dredging and de-watering systems
  • 8 inch venturi dredge
  • Trash pumps etc

Talk to us about your specific needs

Bay Underwater Services New Zealand Limited have covered an extensive range of underwater work, including the following specialties:

  • Bottom survey inspections
  • Bridge and Wharf demolition
  • Bridge inspections
  • Cathodic protection readings
  • Cathodic protection-eg: Anode placement and replacement
  • Closed Circuit Television Video Surveys and inspections
  • Concrete, grout and epoxies placement, (All aspects)
  • Contamination diving – sewerage treatment plants etc
  • Deep diving using surface decompression chamber and oxygen
  • DOC vessel clearances for Sub Antarctic Islands
  • Dredging and de-watering systems
  • Intake screen repairs and cleaning
  • MPI vessel inspections for entry into New Zealand waters
  • MPI vessel hull cleaning (outside New Zealand Territorial Waters)
  • NDT- Non Destructive Testing
  • Outfall construction/repairs
  • Piling (all forms of piling, sheet piles, casings, Split casings etc)
  • Pipeline and cable laying
  • Pylon repairs
  • ROV- Remote operated vehicle, survey and inspection
  • Search and recovery
  • Ship hull cleaning, repairs, inspections and surveys
  • Ship propeller polishing and repairs (Rupert Scale Polishes)
  • Surface supply air diving with voice communications
  • Tank Inspections
  • Underwater (DIGITAL) Photographic Surveys and Inspections
  • Underwater concreting, grouting and epoxying
  • Underwater construction
  • Underwater Cutting
  • Underwater explosives and demolition
  • Underwater welding
  • Vessel salvage – 200 ton of liftbags (closed and open bags sized from 0.5 ton-10 ton)
  • Vessel supply - vessel, barges, hopper barge excavators, dredges,work platforms and tugs, etc.
  • Wharf repairs and maintenance