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March 2020

Sewage Treatment Plant Diving

Although this happened a few months ago it is worth giving it some space on our website page.  When you think you have had a bad day at the office – think about this job.  Our diver has to enter into a raw sewerage pond to complete some maintenance at the bottom of the pond.  The diver wears a full contamination suit and all divers on the team have had the appropriate injections to keep them safe.  The diver is sprayed down on his exit from the water to ensure he is not carrying anything ‘extra’ out of the pond.  The suit is especially made to ensure that no ‘contaminants’ touch the divers skin and he is fully covered at all times.  This type of diving is zero visibility diving, and well our divers do zero visibility diving in other environments, there is just something about doing it in this particular situation that makes it seem like you are having a stink day 😊