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September 2021

THis photogrpahs shows our dive team member getting ready to dive into a Waste Water Treatment Plant.  Contamination diving is very specific and requires vaccinations and a special skill set.  The diver is fully enclosed int he contamination suit and often the biggest battle is with their mind.  This job was to check on the valves in the WWTP and report back to the client.

Contamination diving is a specialised diving skill that requires the diver to wear a full contamination suit so that they do not get any of the contaminated product on them.  This can also be 'dark diving' as the diving can not usually see where they are going.  It is a battle with the mind (as you would imagine) and not all divers are up for the challenge!  In this particular case our diver needs to follow a site plan and locate a valve at the bottom of the WWTP and report back on the status of the valve to the client.  This can be sometimes done visually, but sometimes needs to be done by 'feel' alone.