Marine Construction

Bay Underwater Services NZ Ltd has completed an extensive range of marine construction and commercial diving projects over the last 26 years. See a list of Services & Certifcations below:

  • Vessel inspections for Class Surveys and entry into New Zealand waters
  • MPI Hull cleaning for bioisecurity clearance in New Zealand waters
  • Deep diving using a decompression chamber and oxygen
  • Surface supply with voice communication
  • Wharf repairs and maintenance
  • Underwater construction
  • Piling – all forms – sheet piling/casings/split casings etc
  • Concrete – grout, epoxy, and placement
  • Pipeline and cable laying
  • Outfall construction and repairs
  • Underwater cutting
  • Underwater welding
  • Underwater explosives
  • Pile and Pylon repair systems (engineer desgined and load ratings) 

Our Certifications