Surveys / Inspections

Bay Underwater Services NZ Ltd regularly completes surveys on international ships passing through various port around NZ and the Pacific Islands. Our company also completes MPI vessel clearances for entry into New Zealand waters and DOC clearances for the Sub-Antarctic Islands.

Some of the services that we can supply are:

  • Ship hull  inspections and surveys
  • Live closed circuit TV video inspections and surveys
  • Underwater digital photographic surveys and inspections
  • Hydro dam inspections / maintenance
  • Sewerage treatment plant inspections / maintenance
  • Clean water supply tank inspections / maintenance

Bay Underwater Services NZ Ltd has completed various repairs on ships including:

  • Anode installation
  • Non destructive testing
  • Bathycorometer Cathodic Protection (CP) readings
  • Magnetic Partical inspection (welds)
  • Oil leakage detection (Dual MPI unit)
  • Damaged propeller cutting, trimming, and balancing
  • Propeller change-outs in water
  • Damaged hull plate removal and replacement
  • Underwater welding with certified divers to class standard
  • Seachest grill removal, replacements and cleaning

Our Certifications